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Our Management

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  • We at Prompt Consultants believe in an innovative type of management structure which is as below People-centered We believe in people centered management system where employees perform to their satisfaction,
  • Management theory should always be aligned with what people expect from their institutions. Employees spend too much of their time in the work place. In order to get the best from the people they should be top priority. People centric management philosophies should be applied. New ideas and theory should focus on people Rigid systems should be done away with and collaborative procedures should be set Collaborative Approach Engage staff and encourage growth. Our leadership is evolving in to open approach at the work place. Power sharing and team building are replacing the traditional forms of corporate hierarchy. We are encouraging the leadership to evolve in a team building approach which fosters creative thought and creative actions. We follow the path of internal crowd sourcing which is opening new paths for corporate growth. We are leading to create a new business model that gives greater ownership to their employees. Future is dependent on being collaborative